The Agency for Quality Assurance in Education "EdNet" together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of the business companies Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers, Sky Mobile (TM Beeline), BAKAY BANK initiated and held the INNOVATIVE IDEAS competition AMONG UNIVERSITIES OF KYRGYZSTAN. The main goal of the competition is to create a culture of innovative cooperation and quality between business and universities, with the aim of developing innovative methods of education through the formation of soft skills necessary for life (soft skills).

The competition is aimed at broadly promoting innovative education, expanding ties between business and higher education, promoting educational programs focused on high-quality training of specialists who meet the requirements of the future, and enhancing the image of an advanced domestic, socially responsible business among students and all stakeholders.

Objectives of the competition:

1. Active promotion of an innovative culture of quality in higher education through the introduction of soft skills in the learning outcomes of programs.

2. Active convergence of market requirements and educational methods.

3. Identification and dissemination of innovative pedagogical technologies and assessment methods aimed at the formation of soft skills.

4. Stimulating innovative and experimental activities of educational institutions.

Who can participate

The competition was attended by 29 educational programs from the following universities: KSTU named after Razzakov, Academy of Tourism, BSU named after K. Karasaev, KSU named after Arabaev, TalSU, KEU, KGI, KGUST named after I. N. Isanova, Osh State University. According to the terms of the competition, educational programs of universities could take part, within which the training of specialists is provided taking into account the formation of soft skills, with the obligatory support of the university administration. The application must indicate the entire composition of the team that will be involved in participating in the competition.

Conditions of the competition

The main condition for participation in the competition is the implementation and implementation of Soft Skills. Six soft skills were selected for the competition: customer focus, the ability to adapt to changes, communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. This list of soft skills was selected by the business partners of the competition Sky Mobile LLC (TM Beeline), Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers CJSC, BAKAY BANK OJSC, as skills that are equally relevant today and are necessary for specialists of different directions, and are one of the criteria for selection for work.

Stages and timing of the competition:

• Stage 1 of the competition: accepting applications - November-December 2018

• Stage 2 of the competition: teaching the participants of the competition the concept of soft skills and the process of their formation among students - December-January 2019.

• Stage 3 of the competition: the implementation of new educational technologies in the learning process in order to form soft skills necessary for the formation within the framework of the competition January - June 2019.

• Stage 4 of the competition: evaluation of the results of the competition - July-August, 2019.

• 5th stage of the competition: awarding the winner September 2019.


The winner of the competition received the entire prize fund from the leading companies of Kyrgyzstan: Sky Mobile LLC (TM Beeline), Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers, BAKAY BANK OJSC, as well as recognition of the work results from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the EdNet Agency, namely:

1. Certificates signed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Cash prize from EdNet Agency

3. Prizes from business companies:

Sky Mobile LLC (TM Beeline):

- 3 guest lectures for pilot groups of students;

- Internship for 5 students;

- Conducting training for 15 teachers on the topic: "Leadership", "Team building and development".

 Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers:

 - 5 guest lectures for pilot groups of students;

-excursions to the factory,

-Internship for 5 students;

- Conducting training for teachers on the topic: "Analytical and critical thinking", "Ability to adapt to changes."


- Training at the Bakai Leader School for 10 students;

- Internship with employment for 10 undergraduate students;

- Exit team building for teachers

- 5 guest lectures from the leaders of the Bank for a pilot group of students;