Managing emotions and motivation in teaching


Dear Colleagues!

On April 18, the Agency invites one of its best experts from Kazakhstan to conduct the training "Emotion Management and Motivation in Teaching", Kairzhan Abdykhalykov, Advisor to the President of the International Educational Corporation, Associate Professor of the KBTU Business School, PhD, MSc., BSc., PMI Certified.

The last places are left, we highly recommend that you take part in the training, as the expert comes to Bishkek for only two days and the training is not expected to be repeated.

The cost of participation is 2200 soms. Upon completion, a certificate is provided.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

1. Apply the skills of effective communication management in a professional environment;

2. Resolve conflicts in the team through the management of emotions and empathy;

3. Use the principles of work motivation through the use of emotional intelligence and self-management.

A high level of emotional intelligence will allow teachers and leaders to better cope with difficult situations, understand colleagues/students and build strong relationships with them, develop careers successfully and be productive, unite a team and stay motivated.

We will talk about the basics of emotional intelligence, levels and methods of managing emotions, resolving interpersonal conflicts, the role of communication in education, motivation, and how to be more productive and avoid professional burnout.

The peculiarity of this training is that the training is built with a focus on the field of education and pedagogical activity, which means that we will work out the pain points of each teacher in his work and help him become an even more whole and better person.

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EdNet Agency's office

Date and time

18.04.2022 03:00


Abdykhalykov Kairzhan Sayasatovich



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