Competition "Best Practices for the Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development" was held under the UNESCO project


The position on a competition

“Best Practices for Implementing Education for Sustainable Development ”, within the framework of a UNESCO project.



                            Among the teachers of public schools taking part in the piloting, based on the results of the approbation, a competition will be held "Best practice in the implementation of education for sustainable development." Based on the results of the competition, 6 best practices will be determined (3 best practices among the Kyrgyz -speaking group and 3 best practices among the Russian-speaking group will be selected ) . After completing online training, each teacher automatically becomes a participant in the competition!

The purpose of the competition is to promote the best practices for sustainable development using ICTs in school education .

Organizers of the competition: PF "Agency for Quality Assurance in Education" EdNet "

Participants of the competition: Class teachers and teachers of grades 5-6 who have completed the training " Education for Sustainable Development " within the framework of the project 



1.  The contest is held from 01.09.2020 of the year on the 19 .11.2020 year .

2.   Summing up the results of the competition is held from 31.10.2020 to 19.11.2020 .

·                31.10 - 08.11.2020 Portfolio review and assessment

·                09.11 - 1 9 .11.2020g. Review and evaluation of the video-essay.

3. Publication of the results of the competition and awarding of the winners -20.11.


              The winners and the competition - 6 teachers, which will be recognized as the best practice as a prize will receive laptops and the opportunity for training in the Laboratory of innovative projects in an online format (Belarus)



Stage I. 01.09.2020 -31.10.2020 The teacher draws portfolio done work during the piloting of modules "Education for Sustainable Development" in electronic form in accordance with structure and content portfolio (see . Regulations on the competition, click the V I of . ) .   This is a reporting and demonstration portfolio in which the teacher presents evidence of the achievement of a certain result when completing work on piloting the modules "Education for Sustainable Development" and at the same time demonstrates his skills to participate in the K competition . The portfolio must be sent to email. mail PF "Agency for Quality Assurance in Education" EdNet " - agency.ednet@gmail.com until 31.10.2020.

Stage II. 31.10. 2020 -08.11.2020 The teacher is a video essay on the topic: " What I learned from a project: 5 values of sustainable development," according to the above with possession th and structures f (. Cm Position about the competition, click the V I of .) , Which reflects the successful practice of promoting the LRC in education. The video essay must be sent by email. mail PF "Agency for Quality Assurance in Education" EdNet " - agency.ednet@gmail.com until 31.10.2020.

Stage III . 31.10.2020-19.11.2020 Review and evaluation of the work of the participants of the competition (evaluation of the portfolio and video essays)

Stage IV . 20 .11.2020.   Summarizing the results of the competition.


The presented materials will be considered by a specially formed commission of the project, which will include representatives of the PF “ EdNet ” , RIPKiPPR , trainers-mentors, a representative of UNESCO.

The total result of the evaluation of both products (portfolio, video essay) will allow us to derive a rating, on the basis of which 6 winners of the competition will be determined: 3 practices represented in a group with the Kyrgyz language of instruction; 3 practices presented in a group with Russian as the language of instruction.


Portfolio , its structure and content:

1) Sections:     

·    Personal information (resume, photo, etc.)

·    The results of pedagogical activity on piloting teaching materials ( "roadmap, schedule of lessons, a short report and reflection on the lessons and lessons , completed approbation   form , video lessons )

·    Student works, projects, promotions

·    Feedback (students, colleagues, parents, administration, etc. )

·    Ideas chest ( new ideas, materials, techniques, etc.)


2) Criteria for evaluating portfolio (10 points )     

·    Completeness of presentation of materials for sections 2b

·    Clarity of the orientation apparatus in the presented materials (titles, symbols, annotations, etc.) 2b

·    Compliance of the information provided with the requirements of the section (see p. Sections) 2 b

·    Reliability of the information provided: "live" facts ( photos , from the krina , working links to materials) 2 b

·    Systematic and aesthetic design 2b

Video essay, its structure, content and evaluation criteria (10 points)


1) Technical requirements ( 2 points )     

·               The video can be filmed with a phone or video camera (the choice does not affect the evaluation of the competition). The main video format should be mp 4.

·               The quality must be good and the author of the essay must be clearly visible.

·               Video size must not exceed 20 MB

·               Video length : no more than 2 minutes.


2) Content and structure (8 points)     

·    Structural and substantive completeness (introduction, main part, conclusion-conclusions) 2b

·    The level of pedagogical reflection ( designation of the meaning and value of one's own pedagogical activity and an assessment of one's own principles and approaches to the implementation of the project - recommendations for use in the future ) 2b

·    Presentation quality (clarity and integrity of presentation, clarity of position, presence of examples and facts, expressiveness of speech, culture of speech) 2b

·    The originality of the performance (vivid monologue, dialogue, staging , etc.) 2b



For all questions , please call: +996 900 820, 770 900 820, agency.ednet@gmail.com .    

The competition was held from 01.09.2020 to 30.11.2020 according to the following schedule:

Summing up the results of the competition is held from 31.10.2020 to 19.11.2020.

·                09.11 - 23.11.2020. Portfolio review and assessment;

·                09.11 - 30.11.2020 Review and evaluation of the video-essay.

Publication of the results of the competition and awarding of the winners - December 17.

              The competition was attended by 18 teachers. Also, one teacher from a private school (Kyrgyz-Swedish school) submitted his work for the competition.

              Requirements for competitive products and criteria for their assessment were specified in the Competition Regulations. To evaluate the work of teachers, 2 commissions were created:

·                To evaluate the work of teachers in Russian . learning:

1.   Ms. I. Nizovskaya ;

2.   Ms. Matokhina T.A .;

3.   Ms. O. Umankulova ;

·                To evaluate the work of teachers with Kyrgyz . learning:

1.         Ms Orusbaeva D.N .;

2.         Ms. Asekova Zh.D .;

3.         Ms. Makhmudova Ch.M .;

According to the results of the competition, the following winners were identified :

1.                   Mrs. Berdikozhoeva Zh.Ch. , secondary school №2 named after Chkalov, Naryn

2.                   Ms Z.A. Dzhumabekova , secondary school. Rysmendieva , s. Kyzyl- Suu , Naryn region

3.                   Ms Sultanalieva A.B. , school-gymnasium №2 named after Kasymbaeva , with. Lebedinovka, Chui region

4.                   Ms Abdylasova K.M. , school-gymnasium №2 named after Kasymbaeva , with. Lebedinovka, Chui region

5.                   Ms Ismailova S.A. , school-gymnasium named after Zhundubaeva , c. Kochkor , Naryn region

6.                   Ms Toktogulova OM , school-gymnasium №38, Bishkek

             For the winners -6 teachers practice which used yli recognized as best as prizes awarded certificates and n outbuki . In addition, all of the teachers and their students received znach ok « I of Promote the ESD 2030 " confirming adherence to the global community of teachers to promote ESD.