The third day of the training "Education for Sustainable Development"


As part of the third day of the Education for Sustainable Development training, school teachers are trained online using various digital tools. One of these tools is the Framerspace.com platform.

FramerSpace is a unique UNESCO MGIEP, Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital creativity platform that provides block-building capabilities for developing online courses and stories, and connects learners with teachers and creators.

The UNESCO MGIEP FramerSpace platform is free for all learners and creators. Anyone from anywhere can create content and use existing content by creating a user ID on the platform. The platform supports the development of interactive and deep content, and promotes deep immersion using its ability to integrate multi-modal features such as discussions, pictures, text, videos, cartoons, encodings, multiple responses from objects and subjects, and other features.

The EdNet agency finalized 5 ESD modules within the framework of the UNESCO project "Development of an online curriculum for updating intersectoral competencies for sustainable development in Kyrgyzstan" in this Framerspace.com platform on the following topics:

• Ecology

• Demographics

• Culture

• Health

• Media literacy