Efficient document flow in universities as a basis for building an internal quality assurance system


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The introduction of independent accreditation led to the need to revise the system of office work in universities, while often in the Kyrgyz Republic changes in office work led to a great overload of teaching and administrative staff in the preparation of additional documents. At the same time, it is noted that many of the newly introduced documents do not facilitate the work of teachers, but, on the contrary, complicate pedagogical activities and do not contribute to the effective construction of a quality assurance system and preparation for accreditation. Moreover, today the introduction of new documents that would streamline the quality assurance system is most often seen as a need to prepare for accreditation, but not as part of the internal quality assurance system. The EdNet agency offers to learn the principles and approaches to the formation of a quality assurance system, the basic principles of creating a favorable and friendly office work, help universities to fine-tune the existing office work system, and also get acquainted with international practice in organizing effective office work.

Purpose of the training:

Train participants in effective office work in organizing a quality assurance system and preparing for accreditation

As a result of the training, the participants achieved the following learning outcomes:

  •  To learn how to compare the list of documents used for EQMS with education quality indicators
  • Will be able to determine the degree of importance of documents with in accordance with the pyramid of documents in the field of quality assurance
  • They will be able to determine the classification of documents by management objects and, accordingly, effectively distribute responsibility for the development of documents between university employees
  • Will be able to formulate requirements for documents and, accordingly, develop documents of different levels in accordance with the goals and objectives that meet the policy of the internal quality assurance system
  • Learn how to interpret documents from the standpoint of organizing an internal quality assurance system, and prove compliance with the quality objectives of the documents used for independent accreditation
  • Learn international practices in the development and application of internal documentation as part of quality assurance

Who is the training for:

  • University administration: vice-rectors, heads of departments (academic department, etc.)
  • heads of departments, deans
  • program managers
  • teachers

Content of the training:

  • Determining the quality of an educational organization and comparing the list of documents with quality indicators.
  • Use of the "pyramid of documents" in the organization of internal document management within the framework of the internal quality assurance system (QASQ)

Mandatory requirements for the development of internal regulatory documents in accordance with the classification of documents to ensure their effective applicability in practice

  • Principles of distribution of obligations for the development of internal documentation for control objects
  • The procedure for collecting and processing data to determine the degree of achievement of the quality of the TOE
  • International practice in building the organizational structure of an educational organization and ensuring effective document management
  •  Is there a difference between the paperwork in organizing a quality assurance system and in preparing for accreditation?
  • Examples of IT solutions for efficient workflow organization

Teaching methods within the training:

  • trainer presentations
  • Cases for analysis by listeners

Workshops on the development of documents, the definition of the classification of documents, the distribution of documents by management objects

  • Discussions
  • Group work

For all questions, please contact by phone 0770900820 or by e-mail address: microdistrict 8, building ½.


EdNet Agency's office

Date and time

28.04.2022 04:00


Bashirova Masuma Ilyasovna



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